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In2Eyes are some of the most trusted optometrists for Box Hill residents, offering treatment for children and adults alike. From corrective glasses for astigmatism to dry eye treatment, Box Hill locals can be sure they are in the right hands at In2Eyes.

Dry Eye Treatment

If you suffer from dry eyes, you may feel like you have tried everything to alleviate your symptoms. Many people think that eyedrops and lifestyle changes are the only way to manage dry eye syndrome, but in reality, proper treatment is available through a qualified optometrist.

In2Eyes offer dry eye treatment to Box Hill locals in the form of technological solutions like IPL, LipiFlow, Blephasteam and Blephadex. Our optometrists will identify the treatment that will most effectively unblock your Meibomian glands to promote proper oil production. After your treatment, we provide you with the products and knowledge you need to effectively manage your condition at home.

Ortho K Services In Box Hill

Ortho-k lenses have made it possible to enjoy progressively-clearer vision without the use of glasses or daily contact lenses. It is also an effective solution for myopia, which is common in Asian communities like Box Hill. If you have been looking for a way to correct your myopia, In2Eyes can help with our ortho k lenses. Box Hill parents who are concerned about their child’s vision will also be happy to find out that ortho k lenses can slow down the progression of myopia, allowing your child to enjoy healthier vision for life.

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