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At In2Eyes Optometry we offer a complete range of the latest designer frames. Our labs use the highest quality materials in lens construction. We will help you pick the best looking pair of glasses with the best fit for you. Our goal is a synthesis of fashion and technology so we can ensure you have great vision, a comfortable fit and a good-looking pair of glasses.

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When choosing the frame for your spectacles or sunglasses you should consider practicality, frequency of use and how the frame complements your lifestyle–as well as your looks. The frame you choose should also be suitable for your prescription, which our friendly and highly trained staff will advise you on.

Our staff will help you to choose a frame to enhance your personal style. Does your wardrobe make a strong statement? Spectacles with unusual shapes and colors might be for you. Do you mainly wear your spectacles at work? Discover for example which styles say “competent professional”. Whatever your personality or lifestyle, we will help you find the glasses best suited to you.

We will also help you to choose the right frame-material for your prescription spectacles, whether you need them to be lightweight, flexible, super strong, and/or hypoallergenic.

Many of our frames utilise the latest in materials to increase comfort and durability.


At In2Eyes we offer an exciting range of fashion sunglasses which we are regularly updating and adding to. Quality sunglasses are very important for the health of your eyes. But which pair of sunglasses is right for you and your needs?

Have you tried polarizing lenses? In everyday life: outdoors, while driving… you will benefit from the best quality of vision with the lowest glare. Whether you’re a fan of winter sports, sailing activities or outdoor activities, whatever the season, you will no longer want to leave home without them!

When light is reflected from a flat surface: road, water, snow, ice… it becomes polarized. This glare is extremely dazzling, uncomfortable on the eyes and can impair your vision and also damage your eyes. The only way to block it is to use a polarizing filter in front of your eyes.

Normal tinted lenses reduce light. But polarized lenses eliminate reflected glare, thus improving visual comfort and safety. They also restore the richness of colours in your environment. Polarizing is available in most prescription sunglasses. This means, you can purchase a new pair of high quality sunglasses with your health fund picking up most of the cost!

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